Elizabeth Leeke


Work In Progress – More Text & Images to be added

I didn’t want to read too much into the theme of agoraphobia. In the past I’ve tripped myself up when it came to initial research because I tend to get myself into a pattern of thinking and not doing. Not having had a direction to much of my work in the past year or so meant that I wanted this project to be more about ‘doing.’

I’ve been keeping a little of journal of virtually everything that pops into my head for a few months now and one idea that was in there I thought kind of related nicely to the theme of agoraphobia.

Window Photogram

This image is of a window in a loo cubical in Manchester. I took the images because I noticed the similarity the plants pressing up to the glass in the sunlight had to a photogram. I’ve noticed this quality before, but this was the first time I managed to photograph it.


While I liked the idea of capturing this type of image with a view to agoraphobia, I came to the realisation that, Although I had a mental note of a few locations where this photogram effect occurred – it was the wrong time of year – very few leaves. Of course, I could fake this effect using a pot plant and some glass, possibly some tracing paper, but I’m not so attached to the idea that I feel the need to start faking it yet.

I’ve let this idea of windows stew for a while and when I was explaining it to someone I mentioned that “for some people unable to leave their house (agoraphobic or not) the windows of their house can be incredibly important.”

This set me off Thinking about windows in general.


I’ve done a couple of shoots examining my living room window. I currently live in my partner’s 95 year old grandmother’s house, and that in itself seemed to inform the work slightly as living in an elderly person’s house, there are constant reminders of life when things like mobility and eyesight fail us.

During these shoots it did occur to me that perhaps the window itself was worth expanding on. Windows could be viewed as a barrier, part of the wall as much as any brick.

I’m quite happy with the feel of these photographs, but I am unsure about a photographic submission at all. Mainly because I’m not sure how I would display them. I’m not sure a panel or frame on the wall is what I envisioned for this project. I would like to do something a bit more ‘out of the box’ but I’m not all that sure whether I can do this photographically.


Exploring windows further I’ve ventured out into the greenhouse.

I don’t think these Images moved my idea along at all. Again, I like the feel but I think removing the domestic aspect of the photographs was a mistake.











Artist Statement:

Walls and boundaries have formed the basis of most of my work since 2008. I am fascinated by the different types of spaces walls define and the different levels of emotional attachment we feel towards these spaces. Much of my work has been concerned with the small signs that point toward evidence of human occupation in spaces deemed to be personal or impersonal.

‘I’ll wait here’ is a personal reflection on the barriers created in one’s life by misplaced anxiety. Drawing upon family anecdotes and personal experiences, this work explores different perspectives on a life limited by fear.

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