Sian Gouldstone


Sketchbook 1:

This is an adventure, back into a creative practice after more than two years. One could say I suffer from creative agoraphobia! With little reason, I started a collection on Pinterest.

All that connects the work that I began to collect was an impulse, an immediate draw.


Sketchbook 2:

Not yet tackling the agoraphobia theme, this is a mixture of interests in the diptych as narrative and the graphic shape. I am starting to create a series of diptych images using my own archives. I am interested in our inherent nature to try to connect and explore photographic images, to find a narrative in any visual.


Sketchbook 3:

Continuing some experimental work from a class in college using image transfer, my research also began to look at the process of creating an image. Collage was beginning to appear as a recurrent motif throughout the research that I was doing…


Sketchbook 4:

Collecting representations of the female form has also become a habit. Conscious that these are not something that I wish to explore for Agoraphobia right now I shan’t develop these further in the near future.


Sketchbook 5:

My obsession with patterns, and evidently the triangle, led me to start collecting patterns. I also made my VERY FIRST mixed media piece. Quite experimental, rough around the edges, but I think it has a certain charm!


Sketchbook 6:

More mixed media, more patterns and finally – an attempt to congregate some of the thoughts about the agoraphobia theme that had been running around in my head.

Key elements of the definition that I held onto: escape routes, masks, support, doors, maps, spaces, compulsions, views through windows, pattern, habit, fear.


Sketchbook 7:

I got hold of the plans to the Palatine building with the hope to use in the future as part of a collage/mixed media piece maybe. I’d also like to use them with cyanotype to create my own blueprint perhaps.


Sketchbook 8:

Taking the ideas of compulsion and habit from definitions of agoraphobia, and previous research interests in the domestic I photographed solely from within the confines of domestic space. Firstly looking at blue, in order to tie in with the ideas in cyanotype & building blueprint… referencing back to plans of the School of A&D.

Then, following on from ideas in escape and confinement, I shot views from the window – intentionally blocking all reference to location, inside and outside.

The blue worked as an exercise and could be further developed, but for now feels too safe and not challenging enough as a series.



I kept to an edit that offered continuity and consistency. Each indicating a means of escape, but without referencing a route.






Sketchbook 9:


Sketchbook 10:

Quite amazingly I’ve not gotten around to considering much writing to support this project, time constraints I’d assume. Would be good to place with quotes from Perec’s Species of Spaces… Lists of every bed he’s ever slept in, or all food consumed within a year. I’d love for a piece of work to go alongside that.


Sketchbook 11:


Resolving an issue:

I still feel that this project is a work in progress. It’s been an interesting journey trying to get back into creative habits…

Final pieces…

Mounted on card… I kept them to 35mm for no other reason than to re-reference their own photographic format and started to apply them to wall space…

This project is interesting in it’s methods and resolution to me, more than it is about the work itself. My working methods have become the compulsion; they are not yet a habit but are strictly controlled and somehow trapped within the confines of my own expectations and desire for something that fits my expectations of what a project should look like.

The nature of the final piece itself is fitting to the project and a is display method that I’d like to continue with in the progression of this work outside of the agoraphobia project. I’d like to make miniature cyanotypes in the spaces that I have photographed. Work made by light, trapped in the corner of a windowsill. They would be of equal size to the images and they would continue my recurring obsession with domestic space.

Many many many many 35mm images to cut out…



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